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Research Project: History of Brass Bands in British Columbia

Bella Coola

The Bella Coola band started as a brass band but by 1917 it had become a concert band.

In front of the Hudsons Bay Company

BC Archives A-03981 ca. 1874

In front of the Hudsons Bay Company

Bella Coola Band marching

Bella Coola Valley Museum 2000.001.124P

A brass band marches past on a gravel road on the Bella Coola town site. ca. 19--

Opening of Noohalk Hall

Bella Coola Valley Museum 2003.014.022P

A crowd gathered at the opening of Noohalk Hall on the the current town site. ca. 19--

Nuxalk Concert Band 1917

Bella Coola Valley Museum, 2003.005.011P.

Nuxalk Concert Band, ca. 1917

Nuxalk Concert Band 1933-1956

Bella Coola Valley Museum, 2004.028.011P.

Nuxalk Concert Band, ca. 1933-1956

Nuxalk Concert Band 1958

Bella Coola Valley Museum, 2000.025.001P.

Nuxalk brass band playing at the unveiling of totem poles built in front of the old administration building. ca. 1958

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